The flagpole has a smart and novel solution that ensures the waving of a flag in any weather.
The ball-bearing mechanism prevents the fabric from getting stuck around the flagpole and the fabric is open due to the influence of gravity. The ball-bearing in the flagpole can be locked for storage and transportation with a special fixator.

  • Weight of 2.5 m flagpole: 2.3 kg (without flag fabric)
  • Weight of 3.0 m flagpole: 2.5 kg (without flag fabric)
  • The flagpole has a diameter of 40 mm
  • Operating temperature of ball-bearing from -30 C to +80 C
  • Material: aluminium
  • Powder-painted, pure white RAL 9010 and grey aluminium RAL 9007
  • Smart solution
  • Produced in Estonia
  • Universal
  • Patented product
  • Praised by customers
  • Fabric fixator
  • Weatherproof
  • Waving warranty

Flagpole holder

  • RAL 9010 Pure white(Powder-painted + stainless metal)
  • RAL 9007 Grey aluminium(Powder-painted + stainless metal)
  • Stainless(Stainless metal + polished)
  • Precipitation diverter which prevents the formation of an ugly line on the facade is located at the bottom of the wall mount plate
  • The locking bolt helps to prevent the rolling of the flagpole in the holder and prevent the theft of the flagpole
  • The specifically processed opening of the tube enables quick insertion of the flagpole into the holder
  • Outer dimensions of the wall mount plate are 150 X 300 mm and tilt angle 50 degrees
  • Inner dimension of the flagpole holder is 41 mm
  • Strong structure
  • Weight 1.8 kg

Flag hoisting tool

Flag hoisting tool is a simple tool which helps to make the hoisting of a flag quicker, easier and safer. It is a compact product, the well-considered structure of which enables to hoist flags with different pole diameter.

  • The flag holder is made of steel, which is coated with a durable powder coating.
  • The product has an easily adjustable aluminium telescopic handle, which ensures the lightness and strength. Length 120-230cm.